Logistics is a rapidly developing area of business, so keeping up with all the new developments and trends can be a bit tricky. You can save money and time by trusting our professionals and allowing us to take care of your transportation and logistics needs.

For centuries Estonia has been an important transit hub, connecting roads and railroads to ports and more recently also to airports. Transportation services have played an important role in Estonian economy ever since Tallinn joined the Hanseatic League in 1346.

Modern day Tallinn


Wooden docks and humble houses of sailors in Kalamaja have been replaced by modern hi-tech container terminals and colourful shipping containers used for international freight forwarding. Logistics has become an important factor in economy and a true science that helps people save valuable time and be more efficient financially.

One look at the map will give you an idea why transit of goods and cargo transportation is such an important part of Estonian economy. Surrounded by the Baltic Sea and connected to Europe by highways and railroads make this country a great place for providing Logistics services.

Estonia also maintains a busy trade with its closest neighbours: Latvia, Lithuania, Finland and Russia. This is why we employ seasoned professionals in logistics in the Baltic region and Russia.

Logistics services

Today logistics companies provide a number of services in addition to the transportation of your cargo to its destination. These services have been specially designed to make your life much easier by saving you time and money. Komfortrans OÜ can help you with customs processing, provide expediting services or give a general consultation regarding transportation in our region. Warehouse gates from inside
We can also help you with storage facilities in case you need to temporarily store your cargo before sending it to its final destination.
Over 10 years of working experience on the local market has turned us into veterans of the trade. You can focus on the essence of your business, by letting us take care of loading, declaring and delivering your precious cargo.

Maardu – the perfect location

Komfortrans OÜ is a Maardu logistics company situated in the heart of town. This location is in close proximity with railroads, highways and the port of Muuga with its container terminal. All of the advantages described above make Maardu an ideal spot for a transportation company.

Railroads, ports and highways

Many other similar companies have also realized the benefits of being situated in Maardu. Together we employ a large percentage of local population and form a transportation network covering the local region and international trade routes.