Komfortrans OÜ – Logistics and transportation services

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Logistics and transportation company Komfortrans OÜ offers a wide range of services that assure a safe and quick delivery of your cargo to its destination. Our main area of business is international freight forwarding; however, we pride ourselves on being flexible and capable of using various methods and means of transportation to fit the individual needs of our customers. We will get your goods to their destination promptly, safely and economically.
In addition to cargo transportation, we also offer customs clearance, warehousing and expediting services. Every client has specific needs and we aim to provide a personalized and efficient solution to your logistics problem.

Logistics services

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Transportation of freight containers from any part of the world

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Warehousing services

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Customs clearance services


Local transportation services (from 1 km.)

International transportation of any type of cargo

Main advantages

Efficiency High-quality service Cost-effective solutions Smooth business transactions

Our company is located close to Muuga Harbor and its container terminal, thus making our job easier and giving us an advantage over our competition. Logistics is an important part of Maardu’s economy and daily life; it provides jobs for locals, who, in turn, offer high-quality transportation services to companies from Tallinn, Estonia and around the world.